2020 Tax Resources is the place to find information to assist you with providing the necessary information to us for completion of your 2020 tax return.

We have included a number of Occupations Guides to give you an idea of the sort of expenses that are claimable in different occupations.

We have also provided a number of Forms that you can complete online to send us information that will enable us to assist you with completion of your tax return.

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Download Client Engagement Form
Download Investment Properties Form
Download Tax Preparation Form
Download Motor Vehicle Preparation Form
Download Work At Home Claim Form

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Download Home Office Claim Workbook
Download Investment Properties Workbook
Download Motor Vehicle Claim Workbook

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Occupation Guides

Download Ambulance Officers
Download Chefs and Cooks
Download Cleaners
Download Fitness Trainers
Download Hospitality
Download Nurses & Midwives
Download Office Admin
Download Retail Staff
Download Teachers
Download Tradies
Download Truckies